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Monday the 8th of May 2006

06:28:51 PM

I'm easy to please

  • Mood: Ugghh....
  • Listening to: Nothing... otherwise I'll never get any studies done
  • Obsessed with: Fanfic-ing
  • Reading: My text book, the name of which eludes me

I just need someone to look past the mortal dust

I'm easy to please

I just need friendship that with time do not rust

I'm easy to please

I have dreams, to work for the collective good

I'm easy to please

To ensure that none live without dignity, shelter and food

I'm so easy to please

Love in any form colors the world pretty

I'm easy to please

Peace is not slave to any law or deity

I told you, I was easy to please

My mind rides free, unfettered by worldly nonsense

I'm easy to please

I read from above an elegy that surpasses eloquence

I'm the easiest to please



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