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Monday the 8th of May 2006

06:51:57 PM

CSI: Crash and Burn ending transcript

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Ok... I think I've watched this part of the episode like a thousand times already and I probably can act out the expressions by now

Catherine and Sara are leaving after talking to Diane Lambert's grandson. And then, they notice Hank (the skank) waiting for Sara in the corridor.

C:- ( to Sara) I'll meet you in the car.

She walks out, but not before shooting Hank (the skank) a death glare

H: I called the lab. They said you were here. (the jerk pauses and thinks of what to say) I heard you talked to Elaine (Duh!)

S: Yeah, she's really something... (she looks sooo sad ). I didn't tell her about us if that's what you are wondering. (I bet that's exactly what he was wondering)

H: I'm sorry Sara (prick!!)

S: Yeah, me too.

H: I don't know what else to say (Scurry away, rat, before Sidle practises all her weaponless defence training on you)

S: I'll see you around.

Sara walks out towards the parking lot. The Wild Horses song is being played in the background. She gets into the car.

C : - ( after a while) You got plans?

S: Nope

Is it me or Cath looked pleased ???

C: You want to get a beer?

S : -  ( smirks and looks at Catherine. Catherine shoots her an "I understand. I've been there" look) Drive.

The verrrrrry shipperish ending that aroused ideas in oh-so-many fans for stories.

Aaah.... two more hours of CSI for me and boxed DVDs of the first two seasons to get me through the six months after the season finale 


Disclaimers: The dialogues are the original copyright of CBS, Jerry Bruckheimer, Anthony Zuicker and the loads of writers who work so hard to give us this awesome show. I'm just borrowing them for fun use with no other intentions *peace*

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