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Saturday the 13th of May 2006

10:42:11 AM

  • Mood: Sleepy...
  • Listening to: What becomes of us- Cinephile
  • Obsessed with: The above song
  • Reading: A Suitable Boy- Vikram Seth (What a LOOOONG book )

How wonderful it is to have that feeling of finally being freed from the thoughts of studies, examinations, failures. To detach yourself from the body that is yours and immerse yourself into the depths of apathy, such that you couldn't be bothered to lift a finger to save yourself, is a terrifying reality. Your soul screams for release but your physical self is too distraught to escape. But now, begins a revolution. A shout against the powers that force you to fall. A rebellion against the shackles that corrupt your mind.

Once I ran free, without fear or inhibitions. Now I test the waters with the tip of my toe, preparing for any unseemly rock that could topple me down. Oh for the glory of cynicism... why did I abandon your safe haven and throw myself into the jaws of fantasy? I hear a voice in the distance, beckoning me near, promising me happiness. I see the pristine pallor aflame in the first rays of sun. The sound jolts through my veins like lightning. Temptation is strong, the caution of a spurned heart is stronger. Odysseus knew the perils of succumbing to the songs of the sirens. He filled his men's ears with wax and tied himself to the mast. When the ship neared Sirenum scopuli, Odysseus was enraptured by the melody, his heart filled with longing. But his prior wisdom had saved him and he was prevented from surrendering to his desires and falling into the dangerous waters below. Let's take a lesson from Odysseus, shall we? Indulge in the delicious arms of passion but tie yourself well beyond its reach. For only then will your ship reach its goal.

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