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Friday the 19th of May 2006

01:29:45 AM

EWWWW!!! Major disappointment!!

First, lemme get done crying...

Ok.. done. Now, honestly, WHAT KIND OF STUPID FINALE WAS THAT?! You expect something much better from a show like CSI! Alright, so I was expecting (read: fearing) the GSR thing for a while now but it doesn't make it less gross. I mean, everytime I envision them together, I see a Freudian Elektra Complex playing out. Grissom with Catherine, Grissom with Lady Heather, hell, Grissom with Sofia would have made so much more sense and more chemistry. But Sara...??? And I've lost all respect for Sara. What is wrong with her?! He rejects her and she's still hanging around waiting for him like a love-sick puppy. Worse, she dresses up in a pink robe for him?!?! My poor eyes cannot bear this tragic event!! (though she did look hot in that pink robe)

So mannnyyyyy reasons why both of them are wrong for each other. But why am I wasting my breath since the writers definitely see some great, outstanding, wonderful chemistry between the characters. Don't get me wrong. I love Grissom and I love Sara and that is precisely why I don't want them to end up together. It'll totally spoil their characters for me.

Seriously, after watching the re-run marathons of CSI for a month now, I'm totally disappointed by this season's finale. It was sooo overhyped with the spoilers and the whole CSI diner pic that I was expecting something impactful. It was a total bore fest. The cases were crap. The whole Brass thing was too cliche'. The only people happy would be the GSR fans... (sorry, no offense to them, but seriously WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THAT COUPLE?!). I'm most likely opting for Grey's Anatomy next season... but wait... we have another boring *snore* couple there... i.e. McDreamy and Meredith. But hey, atleast, the rest are entertaining and interesting.

On a lighter note, Marissa's finally out of The OC. Good, maybe, I can once again watch the show without yawning or rolling my eyes. Her theatrics were giving me a good case of a headache and I skipped this entire season.

Alright... need some warm shoulder to cry on right now.... This is such a BAD year for me!!!

P.S. On the brightest note, the saddest moments are an excuse for the most heartbreaking fictions. So, I wrote this one out here: Check it out

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Posted by Yorien:

Well, maybe you should join the writer's team and make a better script next season ? ;)

Friday the 26th of May 2006 @ 05:31:56 AM