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Thursday the 1st of June 2006

08:21:46 PM

  • Listening to: Sinnerman by Nina Simone (The Cellular OST version)
  • Obsessed with: Whaddya think?
  • Reading: Sin City (The CSI Novel) - Max A Collins (The guy's really bang-on with the character personalities)

Just... mehh... needed to post an update of my very sad life  lol, no not really.

Almost done with my CSI fanfiction and already working on its sequel. Apart from that, finally starting with my novel. I know, I'm pathetic in the sense I've done and redone my novel ad nauseum. I just can't seem to be satisfied with my storyline. Hopefully, this one would prove interesting.

Ohh... watched a couple of new movies lately... so check out them reviews

And also suffering serious withdrawal symptoms now that TV viewing season is over and I'm left with nothing but sporadically placed reruns...

Bleh, nothing else.

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