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Sunday the 18th of June 2006

10:30:54 AM

My fanfic is depressing me... :-(

  • Mood: Sad... my Sara!!! I'm so cruel
  • Listening to: Streets of Tomorrow [The Audi S7 Commercial Song] I recorded it!! Yay!!
  • Reading: Seizure by Robin Cook

Okay, I've been toying with the idea ever since I thought of introducing it in a Jessie/Katie fic. But somehow it didn't seem right with them. Plus, I really think that my Soulmates (bad as it is) will be further spoilt if I added a sequel to it. So, I'm using this script for my CSI fanfic. It's a sequel to my very-close-to-heart The Line Between Shadow and Love. This one is so dark, it's got me crying just thinking about it.


**Spoiler Alert**

Catherine "dies" in a mall explosion. Sara is going to be the #1 suspect in the murder. So, now we have the entire team torn between following the evidence or to support their friend. Not to mention, Sara has to ultimately find out who killed Catherine, on her own.

BUT aye aye, Cath IS alive!! Yes!!

Which is actually, so much more depressing because she is going to watch everything's that's happening but is powerless to change... . Which means, she'll have access to TV and she'll watch the news and get all info about her "death" but she can't reach Sara. Oh yes, Lindsay goes into a shocked state (you know the one where you lose the ability to speak or do anything because you are sooo traumatized).

*sigh* SOOOO depressing... and that's why I'm stacking up on sad songs to put me to the mood

**Spoiler Ends**

On a lighter note, I so want to be in the shoes of Alexandra Dalhstrom right now. She is a famed actress, she's studying Philosophy and she's uber cute!! What more could anyone want?!?! Too bad she's Swedish and lives so far far away... but hey, if it takes me to learn Swedish to meet her, then why not? *ahem ahem*

On another note, imagine my SURPRISE to see Julie Ann Emery in Gillery's Little Secret. Ever since I've seen this beauty on Commander-in-Chief, I've officially thought of making her my Ciel/Kaya... aahh!!. She has the beauty, the poise, the strength and definitely looks smart. But I can't watch GLS on my computer becoz I live in Canada....


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