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Thursday the 10th of August 2006

09:42:43 AM

I have the MOST terrible hangover this morning. And I should be in bed, except I can't stand the idea of lying down. So, here I'm writing in my blog. Sorry, if a lot of nonsense spouts out, though I doubt that's gonna happen. I'm a very conscientious writer... hehehe! But a word of advice, a homemade cocktail is so not a good idea. You just mix whatever you find in your kitchen and your brain ends up being that same, exotic potpourri. What was I doing drinking on a weeknight, you ask. Well, I was reading LOTR (yes, folks that's correct, I was reading  LOTR... is there any cure to my LOTR-obsession?) and there were some paras on Frodo and his friends drinking draughts, or somethin' like that. Anyways, I got hungry and I got thirsty, and there ya go.

SO... just got my copy of V for Vendetta and Poseidon, and will be watching it soon... oh yay! Oh, haha, I was watching SINS, some controversial Bollywood movie about a Catholic priest who engages in sexual relations with a local girl. The nude shots were definitely a WHOA! ... lol, ah I'll stop being a perv now. Anyways, the movie was kinda slow and weird, still have to finish like the second half.

And I can't ignore the Call of my Bed any longer, so off I go.

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